What is child counselling?

Child counselling is a type of counselling that can help children at a young age in dealing with everyday worries, stress, tension, fear and many other related problems.

In child counselling, the counsellor identifies the behavioral issues or changes in behavior that is troubling the child. Later on, the counsellor may give effective remedies to cope with the issues that the child is facing.

Child counselling can also help children to fight with concerns related to self-harm, anxiety, depression, slow learning, Dyslexia and many such issues.

What are the Advantages of child counselling?

  • Improves learning process;
  • It helps in fighting with Dyslexia.
  • ASD related problems.
  • Improves IQ.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • Fight down Syndrome

What to expect from child counselling?

The Child Counsellor will work along with your child in a systematic pattern. They will determine the issues and problems that your child is facing in his/her day to day life. In order to do this, our child counsellor may use child counselling techniques such as talk therapy and more.

After determining the issue that your child is facing, our child counsellor will give effective and necessary advice and tips to cope with the issues.

Child counselling in India:

Child counselling in India is gaining momentum, With the increase in awareness of the importance of child counselling amongst the parent population, there have been more and more parents voluntarily enrolling their children for child counselling.

Schools, colleges and educational institutes are also encouraging students to do counselling.

The Government also lays emphasis on providing for compulsory counselling and guidance to the students at school level in order to help them in dealing with issues such as exam stress, tension, mental health management and much more.

Why is Mindsight the best child counselling center in India?

Mindsight Clinic is surely one of the best child counselling centers in India. I will tell you why.

We at Mindsight help your child in coping with any issue that might be hampering his/her growth intelligence, personality and relation. With our expert counsellors your children can share anything or any issue without any hesitation.

We provide an open friendly environment so that your child can feel comfortable with us and discuss his/her problems.

Even you as a parent can talk with our counsellors freely and share any issue or mental problem that your child is facing. Our counsellor will give suggestions in a quick time.

FAQs about Child Counselling:

Child counselling is a type of counselling technique that helps a child in dealing with mental issues like low IQ, ASD, Dyslexia, Exam Stress, tension and many other such issues.

Child counselling is important because it can help your child in dealing with mental issues and disorder. If your child is suffering from issues like low and slow leaning, then child counselling will help your child in dealing with such issues.

A child counsellor is a professional counsellor who identifies the issue that the child is facing. The counsellor may use several tools and techniques in order to identify the issue or problem that child is facing.
After identifying the issue, counsellor will give advice and tips to cope with those issues and problems.

Mindsight’s child counselling is highly effective and it can help your child in dealing with any issues in a quick and effective way.


Surbhi Joshi has completed Masters in Clinical Psychology and is working at MindSight
Surbhi JoshiClinical Psychologist
Surbhi has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She has previously worked at the D Y Patil Hospital and KLS Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. She has experience in administering psychological tests and providing individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults.
Dr. Adita Agrawal is a Psychitrist working with MindSight Clinic
Dr. Adita AgrawalMBBS, DPM, DNB, psychiatrist
She has completed her M.B.B.S. in psychiatry from Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya (Jabalpur M.P.). She has been registered under Maharashtra Medical Council . Her aim is to diagnose, study and treat mental disorder. She is a member of Indian Psychiatric Association and has wroked in various hospital. She has a experience of 8 years. At mindsight she provides psychiatric consultation services to various age groups.

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