Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is very effectively used for depression and the way a depressed person sees the world.

Cognitive Therapy can be an effective way to defuse such thoughts. When used for depression, cognitive therapy provides a mental tool kit that can be effectively used to challenge negative thoughts. For example, a depressed person might have automatic thoughts without a conscious effort like these:

• "I'm the world's worst person."

• "I never win at anything."

• "I am born to be always unhappy."

MindSight Clinic’s Cognitive Therapy is structured,present-oriented psychotherapy, time-sensitive, directed toward solving current problems and coaching clients skills to solve dysfunctional thinking and behavior. One important part of our therapy is enabling clients change their unhelpful thinking, behaviour and habits that lead to improvement in their mood and functioning. With MindSight’s Cognitive Therapy a person learns to recognize and correct negative automatic thoughts. Over time, the depressed person will be able to realise and correct tightly held false beliefs that contribute to the depression.

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