GESTALT course at MINDSIGHT Clinic provides an introduction to the theory and applied practice of Gestalt Therapy.

It emphasises personal responsibilities and focuses upon the individuals experience in the present movement the therapist client relationship the environment and social contests of a person’s life and the self regulating adjustments people make as a result of their overall situation.

Duration – 2 days

Emphasis - The emphasis throughout the course is a training yourself to:

Syllabus –

Four chief theoretical constructs that compare Gestalt theory and that guide the practice and application of Gestalt Therapy

  • Phenomenological method
  • Dialogical relationship
  • Field- theoretical strategies
  • Experimental freedom

Certification Provided

Benefits –

  • Understanding the application of the therapy with various cases.
  • An expert support provided by supervisor facilitation.
  • Continuation of your learning of the therapy.
  • Keeping up with the current trends and changes in the therapy applications.

Admission – Based on following criteria

  • Preference to professional, Eg: Students, psychologist, doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers, teachers, trainers etc.
  • No age barriers
  • Participants should be open to learning & eager to enrich the quality of the services they are at present rendering.


“Thank you for the remarkable healing experience of this past weekend. It wa extremely helpful. I am deeply touched and profoundly moved. In many ways I feel opened up and the light is pouring in once again.” - Rita Jain

“I want to thank you for your help over the years as I struggle through this thing we know as life. You have given some great gifts that I get to take home with me each time I leave after our time together.” - Steven

“Love and gratitude for helping me to grow to a place of deeper understanding of all that I am and could be. Thank you, for showing me the power and possibility of forgiveness. That is perhaps the greatest gift and lesson you gave me, along with your unwavering support, encouragement and motherly love. Thank you all for showing all of us the true meaning of love and commitment.” - Ronak Makharia

“Mindsight’s workshops are an excellent balance of theoretical and practical gestalt techniques along with an appropriate blend of physical, emotional and spiritual components.” - Palak Hande