Psychiatric consultation

We review and analyse your current stress level and underlying reason, problems undergone in the recent past and any past medical or psychiatric conditions and then based on this, we suggest appropriate solutions. Our expertise helps this done in the most systematic and scientific methodology. All the information is used to reach a tentative diagnosis and then used to discuss the initial components of treatment. This drawings(gathered information), as well as any necessary medical records and laboratory tests conducted, will lead to the formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan. Our visits are scheduled for different lengths of time, to allow for adequate observation, exhange of information, communication, assessment, and decision making.

A Psychiatric Consultation conducted by us can decipher to help you understand the sources of problems from following three points of view:

  • Biological (i.e. nutrition, physical illness, heredity, hormones)
  • Psychological (i.e. current life stressors, childhood experiences,)
  • Social (i.e. cultural differences, family relationships, prejudice)

It is this capacity to evaluate the causes of emotional distress from each of above perspectives that makes our psychiatry systematic and unique. Many people have experienced that a psychiatric consultation gives them a new perspective and hope for the future. A good psychiatric consultation requires years of expertise and knowledge of treating each patient in its unique way. Such treatment is an active collaboration and evolving decision making process between two persons- the client and the doctor.

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