Psychological testings

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Psychologists make use of psychological tests to measure specific psychological constraints in individuals. “Process of assessment initiates with a referral for assessment from a primary source such as at teacher, a school psychologist, a judge, a clinician, a counselor, or a corporate human resources specialist”.

Psychologists administer tests and assessments for a wide variety of reasons. School going Children who are experiencing difficulty in studies, for example, may undergo aptitude testing or tests for learning disabilities. Tests for skills such as reaction time, memory and dexterity, can help a neuropsychologist diagnose conditions such as brain injuries or dementia. Tests and assessments are two separate but related components of a psychological evaluation. A psychological assessment can include numerous components such as norm-referenced psychological tests, informal tests and surveys, interview information, school or medical records, medical evaluation and observational data. Psychologists at MindSight Clinic use both types of tools to help them arrive at a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Our experienced psychologist determines what information is to be used based on the specific questions.

List of tests we conduct:

Assessments Domains Names of Assessment
Psychological assessments
Intelligent Quotient Assessment
  • Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale for children (WISC III)
  • Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale for children (WISC IV)
  • Non verbal test of Intelligence (NVTI)
  • Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM)
  • Vineland social maturity scale.
  • Segwin Form Board Test (S.F.B)
  • Binet Kamat Test of Intelligence
  • C.M Bhatia
Neuro- Motor Assessments
  • Bender Gestalt
Projective assessments
  • Children’s Apperception Test (CAT)
  • Thematic apperception Test (TAT)
  • House Tree Person test (HTP)
  • Draw A Person (DAP)
Social Quotient Assessments
  • Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS)
ADHD Assessment
  • Vanderbilt Assessment
  • ADHD Checklist
Autism Spectrum Assessments
  • Childhood Autism Rating Scale (Cars)
  • Aperger’s Syndrome Checklist
Educational Assessments
Informal assessment
  • Customized grade appropriate and Board
Educational Assessments
  • Diagnostic Test of Learning Disability (DTLD)
  • Wide Range Assessment Test (WRAT)
  • Aston Index
Memory test
  • Wechsler Memory Scale form 1(WMS)



Personality Test
  • Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Personality (MAP form A)
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 (MMPI-2)
  • Draw a person(DAP)
  • House Tree Person (HTP)
  • Hamilton Anxiety Test
  • Hamilton psychiatric rating scale of depression
  • Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Personality (MAP form T)
  • Multi-Dimensional Assessment of ersonality (MAP form C)
  • Rorschach Inkblot Test (ROR)
  • Bender Gestalt Test (B.G)
Interest Test
  • Vocational Interest Record (VIR)
  • Thurstone Interest Schedule
Aptitude &Ability test
  • Differential Aptitude Test (D.A.T)
  • David’s Battery of Differential Ability –R(DBDA)
  • Learning Disability checklist
  • Creativity test (how do you think inventory)

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