Remedial therapy

If you are looking for Remedial Therapy for learning disabilities.. you are at the right place.

We come across number of parents who notice “something is missing in my child.” There may be a number of reasons why your child is different from other ones, But what you are seeing could also indicate a learning disability. It doesn’t mean your child is “a slow learner” or less intelligent than his or her friends. His/Her brain is actually wired differently for learning and needs to adapt strategies to make the most of their abilities.

We believe that Learning Disability doesn’t mean that one cannot achieve anything in his life- after all successful people as Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Alexander Graham Bell, and all had learning disabilities.

Nearly 15% of children in each school suffer from some kind of Learning Difficulty. We provide the best Remedial Therapy in Mumbai, understanding that the most important task is to identify this at an early stage so that it does not become a nightmare for the child as well as the parent. As a leading counselling psychologist centre in Mumbai, we offer remedial therapy for learning disabilities to identify the best interest of the child. There are many kinds of learning disabilities each having its own attribute and affecting a child in some or the other way. We assess the child with learning disability the type and extent (level) of difficulty, develop Unique intervention programs to overcome LD. The earliest possible intervention by us is critical to a child’s success .

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