Speech therapy

Speech Therapy.. Making a difference, one word at a time..

We help them with planned activities to practice to reinforce the skills a child is learning. Speech therapy can help children learn to speak more clearly. This helps them build confidence and move away from any kind of frustration that may have built in due to their speaking issues. Children who have language issues can benefit socially, emotionally, mentally and academically from speech therapy. Another facet of Speech therapy is that it can help improve communication skills in kids with language issues. In fact, a Speech Therapist is also called as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).

SLPs can help with:

  • Fluency problems: Trouble with the flow of speech, such as stuttering.
  • Resonance or voice problems: Trouble with voice pitch, volume and quality.
  • Articulation problems: Not able to speak clearly and making errors in sounds.
  • Oral feeding problems: Difficulty with eating, swallowing and drooling

The issues handled by SLP’s are:

  • Expressive language problems: Trouble speaking, i.e. expressing language
  • Pragmatic language problems: Trouble using language in socially appropriate method.
  • Receptive language problems: Trouble understanding, i.e. receiving language.

The strategies used by SLPs in MindSight Clinic are customized and tailored for each child’s particular challenge that includes:

  • Language intervention activities: The therapist here uses pictures and books or play-based therapy. She makes use of language drills to practice skills.
  • Articulation therapies: The experienced SLP of MindSight clinic models the sounds the child is experiencing difficulty with. This includes demonstrating how to move the tongue to create specific sounds and vowels.
  • Swallowing therapies: The experienced SLP at MindSight clinic teaches the child exercises to strengthen the muscles of the mouth.This might include facial massage and various tongue, lip and jaw exercises. They also make use of different food textures to encourage awareness during eating and swallowing.

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