Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis workshop is done at its best at MINDSIGHT CLINIC, Malad, it is one of the most accessible theories of modern psychology. Transactional Analysis was founded by Eric Berne, and the famous 'parent adult child' theory is still being developed today. Transactional Analysis has wide applications in clinical, therapeutic, organisational and personal development, encompassing communications, management, personality, relationships and behaviour. The Transactional analysis course at MINDSIGHT CLINIC, malad will help you resolve a lot of your personal problems as well as help you understand others with immense clarity.

Transactional Analysis is a theory which operates as each of the following:

  • Theory of personality
  • Model of communication
  • Study of repetitive patterns of behaviour

A workshop for self analysis, behaviour patterns and personality development based on transactional analysis to probe the mind and erase issues that cause stress and unacceptable behaviour in society with case studies, games and question answer session.

Duration – 5 day integrated course

Emphasis - The emphasis throughout the course is a training yourself to:

Syllabus –

  • The basics of mind
  • Parent, adult and child (ego)
  • Different kinds of transactions
  • Life positions and scripts
  • Strokes
  • Scripts
  • Understanding yourself
  • Improved behaviour
  • Acceptance from world around you
  • Decision making

Benefits –

  • Understanding the application of the therapy with various cases.
  • An expert support provided by supervisor facilitation.
  • Continuation of your learning of the therapy.
  • Keeping up with the current trends and changes in the therapy applications.

Admission – Based on following criteria

  • Preference to professional, Eg: Students, psychologist, doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers, teachers, trainers etc.
  • No age barriers
  • Participants should be open to learning & eager to enrich the quality of the services they are at present rendering.

Certification Provided


"This TA course has changed so many things for me - increased my self awareness, developed new skills and expanded my passion for the possibilities of the coaching" - Anjana

"Thank you. I greatly appreciate your preparation, openness, your active listening, your positivity, your willingness to speak of your own learning from us, and your responsiveness and 'dancing in the moment'. You are great role models for me - the best I've experienced!” - Shubham

"I most appreciated the way the trainer engaged the group. We had many opportunities to share our experiences and that made the learning very rich. The second thing I appreciated was the opportunity to experience in training days.” - Yash