Signature Analysis workshop at MINDSIGHT CLINIC, MALAD, dwells Deeper into the personality of people you know as well as yourself through the science of Handwriting & Signature Analysis. Your Signatures forms a small but probably the most powerful aspect of your personality and life. A detailed analysis of the shape, size and formation of alphabets and strokes in your signatures opens up a window to peep into the hidden realms of your subconscious mind.

Be it for recruitment, to enhance your relationships, to figure out the behavioural changes in children or negative traits, a piece of handwriting can reveal more than you think. You can easily learn the powerful techniques of Signature Analysis and create positive improvements in your life at MINDSIGHT CLINIC, MALAD.

Certification Provided

Benefits –

  • Understanding the application of the therapy with various cases.
  • An expert support provided by supervisor facilitation.
  • Continuation of your learning of the therapy.
  • Keeping up with the current trends and changes in the therapy applications.

Admission – Based on following criteria

  • Preference to professional, Eg: Students, psychologist, doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers, teachers, trainers etc.
  • No age barriers
  • Participants should be open to learning & eager to enrich the quality of the services they are at present rendering.


“Coaching helped us break a cycle that had built up over the years.” - Aditi Bhatt

“Fabulous! Inspiring! Thought provoking and empowering!”- Katie

“It is so good to be given practical advice that can be used to help with issues.” - Jinoy Pal